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new business pitch | brand positioning 

Ask: Suggest a new market for Tinder to tap into and establish a unique brand positioning.

Solution: Embrace Tinder’s negative perception to remind users what the app is really about.



Despite having 75 million monthly active users, Tinder has experienced a decline in market share as competing apps like Bumble and Hinge continue to gain traction.


How can Tinder redefine its brand image and reignite consumer interest beyond its "hookup" reputation?


  • People are having a more fluid approach to dating.

    • Gen Z views dating as a journey to figure out themselves and their preferences. Nearly half describe their approach to dating as exploratory, using dating platforms to learn and grow romantically and personally. 


The world is a better place when we explore who we are and what we are about.



Tinder has failed to communicate its unique value proposition.

According to Urban Dictionary, Tinder is known as the "McDonald's for sex". Much like the fast food giant, Tinder provides a menu of options to suit diverse preferences. From the outset, Tinder has prioritized inclusivity, with a fundamental belief that people should not be defined by labels.


Dating is a powerful tool for self-expression and personal growth.

Specific is not inclusive.

Newer dating apps steal Tinder's market share by being niche. In a world where we're constantly figuring out who we are and what we want, catering to specifics hinders our ability to see people beyond their labels and learn and grow from each other's unique perspectives.


Position Tinder as the place where individuals have the opportunity for self-discovery and experimentation. 


In a world where exploration is fueled by curiosity, Tinder celebrates choice by offering multifaceted individuals a space to explore different aspects of their identity and preferences.

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