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Ask: Rethink the way Pinterest presents itself in the digital ad space to develop a brand experience that both reaches an advertising audience and entices them to use Pinterest as an advertising platform.

Solution: Show advertisers how to advertise on Pinterest.

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Pinterest is a unique platform looking to expand its advertising offerings to advertisers.

  • Pinterest stands out from other platforms with its emphasis on visual discovery and personalization, inspiring users to take action on their ideas.

  • The focus is less on who users follow and more on what they want to do, creating a personal experience that begins with the individual.

  • Pinterest aims to extend this unique value proposition to advertisers, offering them the opportunity to tap into the platform's distinctive approach to inspire and motivate users.


audience truth

Advertisers want to create non-disruptive ads that capitalize on cultural moments to create a lasting impact.


Pinterest and Pinterest ads are part of one experience.



Advertisers view Pinterest as a platform with limited advertising capabilities.



Advertising on Pinterest is inherently native, unobtrusive, and organic, yet advertisers overlook this potential. With an audience consistently seeking the next big idea, why not challenge advertisers' assumptions and showcase the platform's distinctive advertising approach?


Give advertisers a taste of their own medicine. 


Ads Live on Pinterest: A three-part creative stunt campaign that shows the range of Pinterest's advertising, inspiring advertisers to experiment with them on the platform.


Watch the case study video below:

my role

Strategy & storytelling

Deck & timeline development 

Live client management

Qualitative and quantitative research

Live B2B pitch to the Pinterest team

the team

Joe Kuhns (CW)

Kyle Brubaker (AD) 

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