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brand extension | beauty brand launch

  • Ask: Develop a brand extension for Godiva that resonates with younger audiences.

  • Solution: A radically conscious brand for those who embody Lady Godiva’s legacy in their own way every day.



Following the closure of all U.S. stores, how can Godiva revitalize its brand and preserve its legacy by entering the beauty category?


  • Lady Godiva's legacy goes beyond the brand's logo.

    • Lady Godiva's protest ride against unjust taxes embodies the spirit of authenticity, empowerment, and dedication to social justice. Her story serves as a timeless reminder for individuals to break free from societal expectations and embrace their unique individuality and inner strength to make change happen. 

  • Younger audiences don’t know the gold box.

    • ​Despite its reputation and popularity with older generations, Godiva has failed to connect with the younger demographic, resulting in limited exposure and familiarity.

  • Beauty is still defined by external standards.

    • Despite the beauty industry's emphasis on personal empowerment and self-care, individuals face societal pressure to conform to beauty standards.


Empowerment without autonomy is meaningless.



Empowerment is an internal practice associated with external demonstrations.

When it comes to empowerment, we tend to look outside, towards big demonstrations—often overlooking the power of the internal practice of treating ourselves with love, patience, and respect.


Loving oneself is a revolutionary act.

The beauty industry is in need of a revolution. 

Despite its limited recognition among younger generations, the beauty industry highly awaits Lady Godiva’s legacy (but they don’t know it yet). 


Embrace Lady Godiva’s legacy by giving younger audiences the  autonomy to start a beauty revolution. 


Harness the power of radical self-love through the universal language of beauty





Getting the word out

The Digital Realm

We'll release NFTs with utility value for DAVI, enabling consumers to unlock exclusive perks and benefits.

NFT 1_300x.png

Limited edition red lipstick

Available with an NFT purchase. 

*Lipsticks come with a code that unlocks the exclusive "Lady GODIVA" horse skin to use during Decentraland's Music Festival.*


Embrace self-love as a radical act against society's unrealistic standards.

Ride your own horse with DAVI.

my role

the team

Strategy & storytelling

Brand audit & competitive analysis 

Got real with women about the fallacy of “being empowered”.

Attended a concert in the virtual world to correctly infiltrate DAVI into the metaverse.

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