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Ask: Create a beauty brand extension for Godiva that resonates with younger audiences.


Godiva is struggling to stay relevant.

  • With the closure of its U.S. stores, the brand is looking to revamp its image through a beauty line extension to connect with a younger audience.

key findings

​Godiva's roots carry a feminist legacy.

  • Godiva's name comes from Lady Godiva, known for her bold political statement of riding naked through the streets on a horse, symbolizing the brand's heritage and fearless spirit.

The beauty industry is in need of a beauty revolution.

  • Despite the industry's emphasis on empowerment, individuals face societal pressure to conform to beauty standards.​


brand truth

Godiva's origin embodies self-love and self-expression as a revolutionary act.


Internal empowerment fuels self-expression.



Individuals associate empowerment with external demonstrations.



People crave self-expression. Godiva is the result of it. Why not embrace the brand’s origin to start a beauty revolution that inspires young individuals to partake in the rebellious act of being themselves?


Harness the power of radical self-love through the universal language of beauty.




Getting the word out

The Digital Realm

We'll release NFTs with utility value for DAVI, enabling consumers to unlock exclusive perks and benefits.

NFT 1_300x.png

Limited edition red lipstick

Available with an NFT purchase. 

*Lipsticks come with a code that unlocks the exclusive "Lady GODIVA" horse skin to use during Decentraland's Music Festival.*


Embrace self-love as a radical act against society's unrealistic standards.

Ride your own horse with DAVI.

my role

the team

Strategy & storytelling

Brand audit & competitive analysis 

Got real with women about the fallacy of “being empowered”.

Attended a concert in the virtual world to correctly infiltrate DAVI into the metaverse.

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