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social impact | live client pitch | second place winner

Ask: Establish a platform for social impact to which Lumē will donate 1% of its sales.


Lumē is a whole-body deodorant (yes, you can put it everywhere).

  • Dr. Shannon Klingman developed Lumē in response to frequent misdiagnosis of bacterial vaginosis in women. 

  • Lumē has disrupted the odor-control category by addressing the root cause of body odor - bacteria under the skin.

  • Now, the brand seeks to further is impact by establishing a platform for social good.


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brand truth

Lumē is the result of creative thought and nosy thinking. 


Curiosity is the catalyst for creativity.



We're only 4% as curious and creative as we were in childhood.



Curiosity is Lumē's origin and a fading trait. Why not leverage the founder's story to champion curiosity by helping the next generation of thinkers go from theory to reality?


Catalyze curiosity and invention by championing everyday problem solvers. 


One great human idea has the potential for greater impact. Why not build our social platform by creating an internal program that champions problem-solving to create a lasting impact?


three areas of focus 

our partners

Our partnerships include organizations that can assist in identifying pre-professional women with potential for real-world impact, as well as those who can provide pro-bono legal support to turn our thinkers' ideas from theory to reality, including LLC formation and patents.

creative concept 

If the key to unlocking human potential is curiosity, we want to encourage the new movement of thinkers to

Be Nosy.


Whoever said being nosy was bad? Be nosy because our noses are the first indicator that something is off. Be nosy because we never know that problems exist before we stick our noses in them. Be nosy because you have to follow your nose to the solutions of the problems they uncover. Be nosy because it's never a bad thing to be curious. It's just a sign you care. Be nosy because if we want progress, we have to start asking questions too.

Lumē x Lumēnous Minds

Be Nosy.

social paid ads

in-store marketing

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product extention

"The Wonder Book": An annual publication that celebrates innovative thinkers and provides a platform for aspiring minds to create. Each issue features profiles of leading thinkers, showcasing their latest projects.

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Wonder Kit: Gifted upon subscription to jumpstart nosy thinking.

Because a deodorant brand would know best: you have to smell a problem before you can solve it. 

my role

Strategy & storytelling

Deck & timeline development 

Read scientific reports to learn all about body odor and sweat glands (It was more fun than what it sounds).

the team

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