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Ask: Define a strategic platform for social impact at Lumē.

Solution: Further Lumē's mission by catalyzing curiosity and invention through championing everyday problem solvers. 



Lumē is a whole-body deodorant.

Acquired by Harry's, Lumē must now donate 1% of sales to organizations that help further the brand's mission. With the mission to provide safe, effective, and long-lasting deodorant solutions while normalizing body odor, which social platform would Lumē get behind?


Lumē is the result of a doctor's hunch.

Frustrated by the misdiagnosing of bacterial vaginosis, Dr. Klingman created Lumē to target the true culprit - bacteria on the skin digesting bodily fluids. The odor-control product disrupted the market and now seeks to amplify its impact by partnering with a social platform.


How can Lumē align its new social platform with the brand's innovative and curious identity while making a meaningful impact both inside and outside the 1%? 


  • Curious thought drives progress and innovation.

    • Dr. Klingman's pioneering discovery that skin bacteria cause body odor and her creation of the first whole-body deodorant demonstrate the power of curiosity and problem-solving. This highlights the vital role that individuals like Dr. Klingman play in driving transformative change. 


Money is fuel but humans are catalysts.



Curiosity is the seed of creativity.

Curiosity involves the pursuit of knowledge and experiences. Creativity involves taking curiosity and the knowledge gained from it to transform it into something. Dr.Klingman did this when creating Lumē—a product born from curiosity but made by creativity.

Curiosity fuels creativity, yet as adults, we're only 4% as creative as we were in childhood.

As infants, we rely on curiosity and creativity as our primary means of learning. However, as we reach adulthood, we go from learning to knowing, valuing certainty over exploration.


Without curiosity, there is no motivation to take action. 


Curiosity is Lumē's origin and a fading trait. So why not leverage the founder's story to champion curiosity by helping the next generation of thinkers go from theory to reality?


Unlock human potential.



1% spreads thin. For us, 1% of sales X 1 great human idea = potential for greater impact. Why not create a program to partner with social organizations and be a force multiplier?



Collaborate to identify pre-professional women with potential to translate their university work into real-world impact.

Collaborate with nonprofits for pro bono legal aid to support our thinkers with patents, LLCs, and more.

Getting the word out 

If our strategy is to unlock human potential and the key to that is curiosity, we want to encourage the new movement of thinkers to

Be Nosy.


Whoever said being nosy was bad? Be nosy because our noses are the first indicator that something is off. Be nosy because we never know that problems exist before we stick our noses in them. Be nosy because you have to follow your nose to the solutions of the problems they uncover. Be nosy because it's never a bad thing to be curious. It's just a sign you care. Be nosy because if we want progress, we have to start asking questions too.

Lumē x Lumēnous Minds

Be Nosy.

Social paid ads

In-store marketing

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Product extention

"The Wonder Book": An annual publication that celebrates innovative thinkers and provides a platform for aspiring minds to create. Each issue features profiles of leading thinkers, showcasing their latest projects.

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Wonder Kit: Gifted upon subscription to jumpstart nosy thinking.

Because a deodorant brand would know best: you have to smell a problem before you can solve it. 

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Read scientific reports to learn all about body odor and sweat glands (It was more fun than what it sounds).

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