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Before writing this, I was advised to figure out the story I wanted to tell.

The truth is, not one story is more important than another, for I am a complex blend of perspectives that cannot be confined to a singular format.

 So, instead, here is a series of texts from my life stories that make up the who, what, where, and hows of myself.

Hannah Montana is responsible for my bilingual status. 


I believe EDM is the new classical. If you disagree, you should:

  1. Email me about it.

  2. Schedule a meeting on calendly.

My upbringing in Puerto Rico shaped me into a strategist who uses resiliency to shape change into growth.

My tombstone would read: casual philosopher and domino champion.

I like problems (not drama). But what I like the most about them is the way in—the attack, a.k.a. the solution, and how creativity drives it.

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